Design with Classical Appeal

It’s not every day that you decide to remodel your kitchen. Actually it’s not every decade that you decide to remodel your kitchen. It is for this reason that kitchen design is some of the most difficult design there is. Every year brings new design trends and every year design trends are thrown by the wayside. The ever evolving landscape of design makes permanent jobs like kitchen design daunting. How do you know what design trends will last? How can you avoid being in love with your kitchen for a year or two then wanting something new? You design with classic appeal.

What does it mean to design with classic appeal? Simply view new trends through a classic lens. Place the trend in a space that has stood the test of time. Does it fit? If yes, then you may be on to something. Let’s explore some trends with classic appeal.


Black and white have been paired together for ages and it has always been aesthetically pleasing. Recently designers have begun pairing grey & off-white. This creates a palette that maintains the classic design element of contrast, just executed in a newer fresher manor


Traditionally painted cabinets have been finished with some sort of gloss. However, recently the design community has seen matte finishes takeoff. This trend is all about color selection. Your bright orange matte finish island will surely look great for a year but soon enough the color won’t have the same appeal it did when you selected it. To avoid this, you want to stick with the classics, chose from colors like warm rich blues, deep reds, dark greens, and of course black & white (+grey).


The element of wood in our interiors has always given the space character. Recently natural looking wood has gotten quite popular. The most critical thing to consider with this trend is how it’s being introduced to the space. Classic elements such as beams, wainscoting, and plank floors are safe bets when using a natural looking wood